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Terms of Service

General terms and conditions for stocking fish (live animals).

The following conditions apply to all contracts, deliveries and other services concluded with Fischzucht Kaiserzander GmbH & Co. KG. These GTC apply exclusively.

All offers are non-binding.
Confirmed orders for deliveries of fish from our own breeding need not be carried out if the service has become impossible due to illness or force majeure, or if the seller is unable to cover his usual personal needs as a result. In this case, the buyer must be informed immediately.

The fish remain the property of the seller until full payment has been made. However, the buyer is authorized to resell the fish in the ordinary course of business, even before payment. If he makes use of this, he assigns the resulting purchase price claim against his customer to the seller as security.

All prices (in euros) are without discount and apply ex system plus statutory VAT. Delivery costs are calculated separately according to expenditure. In the event of default, default interest of 5 % above the base interest rate must be paid for each month started.

The transport risk is borne by the buyer if he accepts the fish from the facility. It is at the expense of the seller if he has taken over the transport to the buyer. In this case, when buying live fish, the seller guarantees live arrival. In the case of justified complaints, e.g. B. from transport damage, the buyer is only entitled to a reduction in the purchase price. However, the seller is free to supply a replacement.

The amount of fish determined during loading applies. The buyer is free to monitor the quantity take-off. Upon delivery, the determination of the quantity by the purchaser will only be accepted if it is carried out immediately upon unloading. Deviations of up to 10 % in size and unit weight are reserved for delivery.

The seller assures that only animals that appear healthy on the outside are sold and that there are no signs of an infectious disease. Due to the nature of the matter, internal diseases and parasites cannot be held responsible.

The place of jurisdiction is the court responsible for the place of residence of the seller.

Defects in fish deliveries must be reported immediately when loading or unloading. At a later point in time this is no longer possible. With the above signature, the general terms and conditions of Fischzucht Kaiserzander GmbH & Co. KG are accepted.