We are modern aquaculture, with nature as a model.

About us

We are Kaiserzander.

Stefan Glammeier and René John, were inspired by a TV report about indoor aquaculture of shrimp. The vision in 2012 was to provide people with pure, sustainable and fresh products from aquaculture. Fish became the food of choice for us. Our goal was to use local, available resources, in the best possible way, delivered locally.

Fish consume the least amount of food during growth compared to all other living things (except perhaps insects). At the same time they produce the least amount of waste. Fish are excellent to provide mankind with high-quality animal proteins.

Source: FAO - graphic based on: Studer/fair-fish.net
Own wind turbine.

The recycling technology process we use is a closed indoor system. The risk of environmental pollution, the transmission of germs, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals and microplastics (in-and-out of the recycling system) is reduced to almost zero. We reduce energy and water consumption to a minimum and have a climate-neutral balance thanks to our own regenerative solar and wind systems in the processes and techniques we use. (to sustainability).

The zander gradually established itself as a
promising, but challenging, candidate that we
discovered through seminars and contacts with
aquaculture representatives in Europe. (+ Characteristics).

In 2015 we converted an existing closed recirculation system for zander in Niederlangen/Emsland With a specialized team of experts we were able to gain experience with the system technology and the target fish zander. Unfortunately, the existing system could not be operated without conversion measures. It was replaced by a completely new building based on our own planning and experience. In 2019/2020 this facility was expanded. It is now used as stocking fish rearing for our own seedlings supply in Porta Westfalica and beyond. Without an ample supply of healthy zander fry, we could not have taken the step for a fattening facility. Only a few farms have mastered the process of breeding pikeperch several times a year, regardless of the season. Through diligence and research work, as well as technical and financial effort, our aquaculture team has succeeded in the creation of the most modern stocking fish farm in Europe.

In 2020/2021 the zander fattening facility in Porta Westfalica went into operation. The goal was to produce 100t of fish per year. The facility was first stocked in the summer of 2021. The first animals were ready for slaughter in the beginning of 2022. Since then, in addition to larger stocking fish, around 6-10 tons of edible fish are produced each month,. The completed facility has room for 2 production lines with total of 6 production lines on the company premises, (i.e. potentially 600t of fish to produce.) Further complimentary aquaculturre projects are possible, such as aquaponics. This facility is the largest aquaculture facility for zander in Germany.

The distribution of our stocking and edible fish is through our registered sales brand KAISERZANDER© in the catering trade, retail and wholesale trade, to private customers and in the future, in an online shop.


Our two

Take a look at our two locations in Niederlangen and Porta Westfalica and find out more about us and our sustainable farming.


Our claim to rearing.

Sustainable is the maximum utilization of the resources used. We achieve this through efficient modern technology and processes. We are climate neutral.