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Healthy, Fresh & Tasty.

In Germany, Austria and Hungary in particular, the zander is considered an important and valuable food fish. Its particularly firm, white, lean and protein-rich meat is considered a delicacy, especially since zander fillets are usually boneless.

It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have many positive effects on blood pressure, heart and circulation. Furthermore, the zander contains a lot of protein, potassium and zinc (+ nutritional values). Not only does it provide the body with important minerals, it is also an ideal food for those who want to eat a low-carb diet.

Our delivery options are:

  • available in large quantities all year round
  • as fillet or whole fish (gilled)
  • scaled, with and without skin
  • carcass for soups and sauces

Our advantages are:

  • healthy, digestible and delicious
  • white, low-fat and boneless meat
  • pure, free from chemicals, antibiotics and hormones
  • climate neutral and CO2 neutral (+ Sustainability)
  • conservation of wild populations
  • not organic, but eco - maximum sustainability
  • natural processes are technically supported
  • complete traceability regarding origin and rearing in Germany
  • absolute freshness, after 1-2 days with the customer


Our shop.

Zanderfilet mit Haut auf Schiefer

Fresh zander filet with skin.

Zanderfilet ohne Haut auf Schiefer

Fresh zander filet without skin.

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Our claim to rearing.

Sustainable is the maximum utilization of the resources used. We achieve this through efficient modern technology and processes. We are climate neutral.