Our location in Niederlangen.

Location: Niederlangen

We are Kaiserzander in Niederlangen.

Reproduction all year round with a rearing capacity of up to 500,000 young fish.

The zander fish rearing in Niederlangen (Emsland) arose from the lack of sufficiently high-quality zander stock fish in Europe. After 5 years of preliminary tests, the specially operated research and development facility was converted and expanded into a fry rearing facility. With 8 water circuits and innovative state-of-the-art technologies it is the largest zander farm built in Europe.

Four off-season reproductive cycles can produce up to 500,000 young fish in our large housing units. If market demand increases, the production capacity can be rapidly increased to up to 1,000,000 zander juveniles per year.

A small proportion of our juvenile fish are raised in our edible fish farm in Porta Westfalica until they are ready for slaughter. The majority of the juveniles are sold to other breeding farms throughout Europe or for restocking programs in natural waters (stocking fish). Our fry are usually sold per piece. A high-speed camera counting unit, through which our fish are guided during loading, provides reliable information about the correct number of pieces delivered. The transport takes place with our own fish transport vehicle or, for larger quantities, with specialized fish transport companies.

The rearing

larval rearing

Consistently good water quality and optimal feed supply as the key to healthy young animals.

Zander weigh 0.0005g when they hatch. They are born without a mouth, fins, gills and only weak vision. The very small and sensitive larvae are reared in rearing tanks specially developed for zander larvae. The young animals nurtured in the development phases of their still young life with optimal water quality and high-quality feeding with plankton and dry food. The balanced diet in combination with the best water quality ensures good development of the body skeleton and all important vital functions.

juvenile rearing.

High-quality stocking fish with proof of health & transparency.

Young zander fish are physically fully developed and used to high-quality dry food. However, they are still highly cannibalistic by nature.

With regular size sorting and nutritional monitoring can suppress cannibalism. With summer water temperatures, the young fish is raised to a weight of 15g. Regular veterinary stock checks give us (and our customers) security and transparency about fish quality. Since the rearing takes place in batches, traceability is guaranteed all the way from hatch to the spawning fish.

Parent Stock Department.

Seasonal simulation with nature as a model

Like other fish species, the zander is strongly influenced by external weather conditions. With short days, long nights and colder water temperatures, the fish sexually mature to then mate the following spring.

Our spawning zander are guided through all four seasons in the climate chambers using a climate protocol copied from nature. With four climate chambers, we are able to lead a spawning fish group into a simulated spring and thus into the spawning season every three months.

Our specially trained team selects the spawners with the best egg quality from a large group of fish. These best fish are used for reproduction.

Our extensive parent stock databases, in combination with chipped parent stock, allow us to assign the right spawning pairs at an early stage.


Our claim to rearing.

Sustainable is the maximum utilization of the resources used. We achieve this through efficient modern technology and processes. We are climate neutral.